Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com! This is your very first post.

My very first post! How exciting! But where to begin? What to write about? And who would want to read it? I guess I will try to prove the name wrong. If you were here I would have no trouble having a conversation with you. It’s always been easy for me talk about things. All kinds of things and with all kinds of people. I have so many interests and even if we were talking about something I didn’t think I was interested in, I would be interested in learning what you know and how you found out and what was it like and so, I would find the conversation interesting. Isn’t it great fun to find out something new? To see what your mind makes of it and how your soul feels about it. And then to discover that you are interested and want to know more and to try it for yourself. That may be my favorite part. Trying it for myself!

It usually starts with me asking, “How did they do that?” Next I search for all the information I can find. I ask everyone! I’ve already told you I have an easy time talking about things. I read all I can find on the subject ( I love to read too ) and I hunt for pictures of the finished product. Then I compare all the different information sources to see what part was listed by all of them. Well, or at least most of them. Then I string together all of the parts that seem to be a constant and come up with the way that I will do it. I plan it all out and list what I’ll need. I can see it in my head, all polished and fantastic. And then sometimes that’s as far as I get, for some projects. I guess I am already one step farther than that on this project. Hooray for me!

That still leaves me with what subject to write about today. I guess for now I will just write about myself some more. I live in California, near Sacramento. I am married and we have three daughters and a son. They are all grown and out on their own now, which leaves me in a funny new spot because being a mom and caring for children has been a large part of defining who I am for most of my life. I’m still a mom and I still look after little ones pretty regularly, just not my own. Not to mention that grown children need some mothering on a pretty regular basis. I love to cook and I must say I am pretty darn good at it. I also spend a good deal of time reading and gardening. I enjoy a number of different crafts but none with any regularity. I come from a large extended family which keeps me supplied with little ones to play with and look after, as well as people to cook for. I think I am about the luckiest girl there is because I really enjoy being who I am and the wonderful people I have in my life.


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